Developing Path Of Slime

What have I learned after releasing my second mobile game?

“Path Of Slime” is the second mobile game that I develop for Android and the first one on App Store. I’m not a game developer by any means, I just love crafting games like this one, and I do it alongside my full-time job. In this blog post I will refer to my previous game “Balls n Bricks”, if you have to, you can check it out. 


The story about my first game in Godot Engine

So, this little story begins in 2017 when I first heard about Godot Engine. At that time I was heavily into cryptocurrencies, I started my mining rig, and invest some in Enjin coin.  There is something fascinating about the idea of crypto and gaming in my mine (and still is). And at that time there was news that Enjin is sponsoring some open-source game engine that supports Android, iOS… everything excepts consoles (licensing reasons).