Android Studio plugins that I use in (almost) every project

Android plugins are a great way to speed up your development process, so here are my favorites:

Android ButterKnife Zelezny

Probably everyone who uses ButterKnife library knows about this one, but still, I need to mention it. This plugin will generate all view bindings for you.




This is probably my favorite, this will create you model class from JSON string. It’s really simple to use, just copy/paste your JSON string.


Android Parcelable code generator

Name of this plugin is really self-explanatory. You can easily forget how to write parcelable boilerplate code because this plugin will to work for you.


ADB Idea

Basically, this is the menu with popular A commands, like uninstall, restart, clear data etc.



What about you?

What plugins do you use every day? Tell me in the comments.