Developing Path Of Slime

What have I learned after releasing my second mobile game?

“Path Of Slime” is the second mobile game that I develop for Android and the first one on App Store. I’m not a game developer by any means, I just love crafting games like this one, and I do it alongside my full-time job. In this blog post I will refer to my previous game “Balls n Bricks”, if you have to, you can check it out. 


Prototyping a game is the key! Having basic game mechanics in a couple of hours is awesome. For my games, I use the Godot engine. It’s really easy to use, unlike Unity it’s lightweight, it has great support for 2D, and so on. After the prototype, it’s important that I set myself a plan, with features for the release version, and after that, I try to stick to it as much as I can. The reason being is you can always expand your game, add new features, but I had too many never-ending projects in my past, that this is a new rule that I try to follow. 


My first game was very basic, almost completely black and white block with just a couple of icons. This time I took a different path, by exploring pixel-art design a bit deeper. That’s how I discovered two great tools that I will use from now on in every pixel-art project. 

The first one is Lospec Pallet List. This is a website where users can share pallets with little image previews, and others can like and comment. It’s a great community of really talented artists and I love it.  

The next one is Aseprite. This is by far the best pixel-art editor currently on the market. You can create animations, sprite sheets, tilemaps, and everything in between. 

And drawing your assets is dead simple:

  1. You try
  2. You suck
  3. Try again
  4. Still suck but, it’s a bit better
  5. Back to step 3.


Sound design is something that I need to put more work on. For this project, I just scraped a bunch of free sound clips from the internet and put them in Audacity, and call it a day. 


I self-published both of my games, that’s why they have just a few hundred downloads. Marketing is something that you have to put a lot of money and/or time into. And since is just my hobby, I don’t have much of either of these things. 

Nevertheless, I was super pumped when I saw sites like toucharcadeandroidpolicedroidgamers, and many others. They all mention my name in articles and that’s so cool to me!

If you want to try Path Of Slime, you can download it from here

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