My experience of moving to VPS server

Back in 2011, I rented my first shared hosting, and that was a great deal at the time because I needed a place where I can have my side projects and play around with things. But I noticed that my hosting provider at that time is raising price each year for a bit, and now almost 10 years later – price is double. My second problem was that it’s shared, and you are limited with software that comes preinstalled on your server. So I decided its time for an upgrade to the VPS server. Here is my experience of moving everything from one server to another.

Backup everything!

This should be no brainer when it comes to any bigger work on a server, start with a backup. My old hosting had Cpanel preinstalled so I just generated full backup over there, and download it to my local machine. This was quick and easy. There is one more thing that I needed to do, and that was to move my domain to another domain registrar. It’s better to do this step right away because moving a domain to another register can take up to 5 days.

Choose a plan for your needs.

Naturally, I was looking around, comparing prices and performances of many hosting providers and I stumble upon Hostinger as a great option for my needs. I would not recommend something that I’m not using myself for quite some time. They also offer shared hosting, email, cloud even Minecraft servers.


The first thing was creating a name server for my VPS since I will have a couple of different domains and microsites. The process of creating a name server will depend on what kind of software did you pick, but it’s all very similar. Name servers usually look like this:

Now it’s time to update domain settings at my domain registrar. To put it simply, I will associate previously created name servers (ns1 and ns2) to the static IP of my server.

Restore everything.

Now I created each of my websites under VPSs admin panel, and upload previously backed up files. This part was slow for me because I don’t have great upload speed and there were a couple of GB of data. After I was all done with files, I created and restore all databases, and update all connections in their project. Now there was just one last step.

Point domains to their new home 🏠

I tested all my sites, make sure everything is working properly, and now I updated all my domains to new name servers. This process will take a couple of hours to complete, and there is nothing much to do, except I opened terminal and check is my website IP same as your new VPS


Thats it!

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Kristijan Drača