The story about my first game in Godot Engine

So, this little story begins in 2017 when I first heard about Godot Engine. At that time I was heavily into cryptocurrencies, I started my mining rig, and invest some in Enjin coin.  There is something fascinating about the idea of crypto and gaming in my mine (and still is). And at that time there was news that Enjin is sponsoring some open-source game engine that supports Android, iOS… everything excepts consoles (licensing reasons).

Few months after that, my boss told me we will work on a simple game that should run on the web, so the platform was basically a desktop, tablet, and mobile. So I started to prototype it with Godot, and after I made my first version there were compatibility issues, I think with Apple devices, I don’t even remember now. Anyway, we drop Godot for now and use some javascript libs instead.

But we still didn’t give up on Godot, quite opposite actually. We started our own side project that I’m currently working on, and I have 0 experience with game development (playing game dev story doesn’t count). I won’t talk much about this project because it’s still in early development, and there isn’t the date of release, and I wanted something now.

So, I had some free time and decide that I will create a simple mobile game, but to make sure that this isn’t yet another my personal project that I will never finish, I set some rules:

  • must be out in a few weeks
  • must have simple controls, eg. one tap
  • don’t spend time on design, because you are not a designer, and you don’t have money to pay one

I decide to use GDscript because think is awesome, draw some squares and circles in Photoshop and made my first working prototype of the game. To be honest, assets aren’t changed much.

After two weeks I set up about 90% of the current game, and show it to my friends and family. I know they are not great testers, and you should never trust them because they will never be honest with you, but one of them, my friend Danijel decide to help me with testing, finding bugs, lots and lots of ideas for gameplay mechanics, like powerups and stuff, and now he is doing all of the marketing.

I’m quite happy how Balls n Bricks turns out, and if you want to try it yourself here is a link to the Google Play store.



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